Orthotics assessment

At Action Harpenden Physiotherapy Clinic, we can advise, supply and fit prefabricated medical orthotics following assessment. Orthotics are insoles which are inserted into shoes. Their purpose is to assist in controlling movement and alignment at the foot, ankle, knee, hips or pelvis. There are different types of orthotics. As part of your physiotherapy examination,  your physio may examine your feet and lower limbs and provide advice on  whether you would benefit from the use of orthotics. Orthotics work best in combination with strengthening exercises, to get maximum benefit. Anatomy and movement is very individual, so a good assessment by your Chartered Physiotherapist will determine your individual needs. Your physio can advise on whether you have a pronating or supinating foot type, and which type of orthotic suits you best, and provide footwear advice.

Problems that people commonly present with are: heel pain, planter fasciitis,  in-toeing gait (pigeon toes), flat feet, knee, hip and back pain. In children, you may have noticed that the child is hard wearing on the shoes, or an uneven wear pattern or an awkward walking or running pattern.

The orthotics we use can be adjusted to suit your individual biomechanics and foot type.

You can email Tambu if you have any questions relating to orthotics.